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I have some startling news for you today that will change the way you think of online businesses and ecommerce forever.  It may even change your mind about starting your online business.

It’s a proven fact that a lot of people who start their own business online fail.  I’m going to say it one more time because it’s crucial that you remember this important, proven fact.   A lot of people who start their own online businesses fail.  They never make more than a few pennies, and they never go on to the millions of dollars that some successful webmasters make.   

There’s a reason for this.   

They go into starting their business website with faulty information and have no idea how to make money from merely one website.  As a result, they’re in business for a very short time.  They get discouraged when the cash isn’t rolling in, and they close down their business quicker than they opened it.   

Don’t let that happen to you!

While it’s a fact that a lot of people fail in their online business attempts, millions succeed every day!  You can too!  It doesn’t take an expensive degree or previous business experience to be successful.  Not at all.  It just takes the facts. 

To operate a successful online business, you must know these three things: 


How to develop your business idea


How to design your website


Bring customers to your website

If you have no clue about even one of those three things, then you can bet your online business is not going to live up to your expectations for it!   

Hey, I know that most online business books make it sound easy and effortless to make money online, but the truth is you do have to do your share. It's not hard, and it's not out of reach, but you won't enjoy the rewards of a profitable website by just sitting around waiting for the money to roll your direction.

In fact, with the right information and the right guidance you can make HUGE PROFITS with your website and enjoy the benefits of never having to worry about money ever again.

Let me be very clear about this - you can't sit around and do nothing.  With your efforts and my step by step directions I can promise you it's amazingly fun and exciting to make money online. 

Learn to Create a Successful Online Business That is Profitable From the First Day and Makes You More Cash Than You Imagined! 

Owning a successful online business is not hard to do when you know what you’re doing!  Once you learn all the secrets of online success, making money online from your own business is as easy as pie!   You can do it!  

If you have a willingness to learn, a willingness to work, and willingness to access the right information and resources, you CAN make money with a website and an online business.  You can be one of the online webmasters raking in the cash – all from the comfort of your own home.  And you can start doing it as soon as you learn what you need to get started! 



"The Ultimate Internet Business System” has all the critical information and resources you need to start your own online business and make it successful!  It’s the only book you’re going to find that walks you through every step of setting up and operating your own online business! 


Inside the pages, you’ll discover:

a How to develop your business idea
a How to set up your website
a How to design your business website
a How to get the search engines to list your site
a How to rank high with the search engines
a How to market your site to bring in traffic
a How to make tons of money from your online business!
a And much, more that you have to keep reading to discover! 


I’m telling you firsthand, everything you need to know is right within the pages.  There’s no need to look further or to spend months doing research.   You can start your own online business as soon as tonight!

I have bought other so-called "complete" guides to online business but none of them were any good at all. Personal Guide to Your “Own Internet Business” really is different.

Now I'm not flopping around from one thing to another; I'm focused on the right niche market, the right website design, and the right marketing that is driving my sales right through the roof. Your amazing book really delivers, I'm now out of debt and putting money away for my kids to go to college!

Erin Baxter,
Phoenix, AZ



You Can Start Your Own Profitable Online Business
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Let me tell you, I’ve seen housewives, retirees, students, and business executives alike take this information and turn it into thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars!


While nobody can write your plan for success, this book gives you the blueprints to make it all come together – and make cash for you!  


Can you imagine how great it will feel to make enough money each day to never have to worry about paying your bills again?  What else would you do with all of that wonderful money?

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Here’s just a sampling of what you’re going to learn:



Inspiration - The single raw factor that is behind most successful web businesses.


Expectations And Planning - Be realistic about how much time it takes
to do proper planning and set reasonable expectations for your start up business. Everything you need to know is revealed inside this book!


The Importance Of Web Hosting - Only “The Ultimate Internet “Buiness System ”” explains why web hosting is so important and teaches
you exactly how to find the right provider who will keep your website
running smoothly - so it will keep making you money!


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - Of Web Design Learn how to plan
an effective web design that is attractive, easy to use, and helps you to
sell more product.


The Ins and Outs of Search Engine Optimization - There's the right
way to do SEO and the shady way to do SEO. Learn the differences
between them and the secrets to earning great search engine placement
without resorting to questionable methods.


Marketing And Advertising Tools - From paid advertising to affiliate programs, this section teaches you everything you need to know about effectively marketing your website so that it becomes and stays hugely profitable.


Advanced Web Marketing - Web marketing has gone viral, so if you
want to make money you have to "catch the bug" of advanced strategies.
Blogs, forums, and web communities are the key to huge website profits.


I'm sure you can see the power and profit potential of an online business website.  Are you ready to finally step into financial security and take advantage of the power of a profitable website?

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Peter Johansen
Madison, Wisconsin

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How To Create Products That Sell


Developing a Website that Converts


Implementing a Strong Backend Structure


Identifying A Business Model That Works for You


Marketing & Advertising Your Online Business

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Laura Roman Lopez

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